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         STAR Information Services & Tools S.R.L. is the Romanian branch of STAR Group, one of the leading providers of solutions, services and software in the translation industry. With more than 25 years of experience in information logistics and multilingual communications, STAR Group can now be found in 42 locations from 30 countries, the headquarters being in Ramsen, Switzerland.

         STAR Romania offers a wide range of services and personalized tools, covering the whole information process. By using and developing innovative technologies, we guarantee maximum efficiency, quality, flexibility and data security.

         Our goal is to provide clients with both high-quality linguistic services and solutions, in order to reduce costs, especially on large projects. Combining the experience along the years and the continuous specialization with the dynamism of a professional team of translators and proofreaders, we are able to offer our clients comprehensive services for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian. Moreover, being member of a corporate group, present on four continents, with the support of our colleagues in the other STAR offices, we can assist you in complex projects for 180 languages and dialects.

         Our main fields of specialization are technical, software and medical translations, but we provide high-quality translations in other fields as well: economic, law, commercial, etc. By correctly combining your data with our technology, the continuity and the consistency of your translations will be assured.

         In addition to the linguistic services, our clients also benefit by the professionalism of our specialists in Desktop Publishing. Our experience in this field can help you get better structured projects and minimum costs for printing. Processed in the most updated versions of the specialized software, your text will create the impact you want for your project.

         These two directions are successfully combined by an efficient project management in order to provide best deadlines and low costs, without altering the quality of the final result.

         We make possible services optimization by putting together high class individual performances with a perfectly adapted work environment using our proprietary tools that proved their practical applicability: Transit NXT, TermStar NXT, STAR James.

                        Why trust your projects to us?

                                        » We are professional.

                                                » We are efficient.

                                                        » We are punctual.

                                                                » We are client-oriented.

We guarantee

         » Accuracy

                 » Honesty

                         » Confidentiality

                                 » Prompt delivery