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    The layout of a high-quality material, with text and pictures, is the main piece of the creation and translation process for the technical documentation.

    A well-written text and a high-quality translation are not always sufficient if the form of presentation is unsatisfactory. The DTP specialists from STAR Romania always make sure that the general aspect of your material is the most appropriate one and the final document is ready to be printed.

    No matter if your materials are done in-house or you wish to improve the multilingual publishing process, STAR Romania can offer the necessary support. Our experience will help you create a well-structured layout maintaining minimum costs for printing your documentation.

Initial DTP

     STAR Romania offers initial DTP, this helping to prepare your documentation for translation. First, the document is converted in an editable format in order to be later processed through translation. Thus, the translator can work on it without any concern for the graphic aspect of the material.

    Simultaneously with the translation or even prior to this, there can be done the graphic processing of the material, as well as the templates that will allow an easier formatting of the translated text, facilitating the insertion of the graphic elements. All this will result in a minimum project execution time and will assure a greater quality of the final text.