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    The global marketing of a software product involves the adaptation of the information to the target culture and language. Software localization is more than the simple translation of the interface, Help files or the product’s documentation.

    As a developer of the multilinguistic software products and a translation services supplier for many years, STAR has an experimented team who can assist you in the successful localization of your software and of your websites.

    Software and website localization involves different stages such as: translation, DTP, testing, etc. Due to its presence worldwide, STAR offers support so that your products or your websites gain the most appropriate language, style, layout, images and colors of the local culture.

    For each stage, STAR offers not only professionals, but also the appropriate tools for an optimum adaptation of the product or the website to the target market.

    Thanks to the localization function integrated in the STAR proprietary software TRANSIT NXT, a consistent and precise selection of the terms together with the setting up and the use of the proper terminology are guaranteed, these elements being one of the most important ingredients for a successful localization.