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    A good project management is the first step towards an optimum informational process for your company. Organizing data flows efficiently supposes experience and skills. This is the starting point for a new approach of the processing of the multilingual information and the client has multiple benefits regarding: processing time, costs and quality.

    STAR Romania can elaborate efficient strategies working with new information or adapting existing applications, for an optimum organization of your data. This process allows us to accelerate and even to partially automate the data editing, updating, translation and publishing for an efficient project management.

    STAR Romania is the ideal solution for the companies willing to reorganize their data for multilingual publishing, a single partner who can assist you from editing through translation to publishing.

    The Project Manager has an essential role in coordinating the workflow. Our professionals organize and supervise the whole informational cycle, suggesting the best solutions to meet any requirement and to solve any problem.

    The management of complex translation projects suppose repetitive tasks, such as moving and copying files, preparing them for translation, putting together relevant materials and integrating them in the next step. Furthermore, the tasks before and after translation can be time-consuming and expensive, that is why we have the perfect tool for you – STAR James.