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    Proofreading is included in the translation projects done by our team, but STAR Romania offers this type of services separately as well.

    Your documentation is supervised by our specialized personnel, the translation always being adapted and checked in detail by a professional in your field of expertise according to the requests and the specific terminology.

    Furthermore, our professional team accomplish the following tasks as well:

          - proofreading of the translation based on the source text in order not to appear             differences of meaning or text left untranslated;

          - proofreading of the translation from a grammatical point of view;

          - correction of the orthography and punctuation in the translated text.

    Proofreading by a specialist is the final step of the translation process, our goal always remaining the maximization of the quality for the translated documentation.

    For extra safety, our offer includes specialized proofreading for the documentation translated by yourself and which you need to be proofread by a specialist.

    The wide range of the fields of expertise for specialized proofreading includes various type of documentation: technical texts, medical texts, law and economic documentations, IT and software material, etc