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STAR James – CPM
(Corporate Process Management) Platform from STAR

    STAR James puts together the optimum conditions that allow you to optimize and accelerate the processing of the multilingual information flow. This is a system for the automation of project management processes, ideal for translating and localizing large multilingual projects.

    The tasks of the project manager: receiving the documentation from the client, creating the files for translation, including terminology, assigning the files to the translators, receiving the files from the translator, assigning the files to the proofreader, receiving the files from the proofreader, exporting the document in the source format, delivering the project to the client, billing, all these processes are automated in STAR James and the Project Manager only supervises it.

    Using this platform will bring precious key benefits to your business:

          – Enhanced workflow

          – Shorter project lead times

          – Automated data management

          – Law maintenance costs

          – Reduced costs of project management, especially for multilingual projects

    For further information, please download the relevant documentation under Download section.

Star James