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TERMSTAR – Professional terminology management

Find the right words with TermStar

    It is more than just common sense for terminology systems to be closely linked to the translation environment. Looking up words in dictionaries and copying them into the translation then becomes considerably more straightforward. That is why TermStar is fully integrated in the Transit working environment.

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Simple and efficient terminology work

    Operations that have to be performed manually with other products are fully automated in TermStar – the automatic creation of links between an abbreviation and its meaning, between synonyms or between variants of a term simplifies navigation in TermStar. And you can, of course, create your own links manually. There is also the facility for filtering database entries so that you can work on selected categories of terminology, for instance, or check consistency.

    Since uniformity is a key factor in terminology records, TermStar allows you to define which items of information have to be completed as a minimum requirement before a new term is entered in the database.

Optimum environment for better results

    TermStar enables cross-database access to your terminology. That allows you to manage your terminology in different databases and subordinate dictionaries according to the category subdivisions you require. Multiple dictionaries and databases can be simultaneously loaded and appear on the screen as a single dictionary thus providing optimum terminological assistance.

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    In addition, the layout of the Terminology Manager can be configured according to the user's individual requirements. Only the entries that are of relevance to the particular user are displayed. Thus concentration is substantially improved and high quality results are obtained. The right words in fact.


    TermStar supports more than 180 languages and language variants.

    The ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) standard enables compatibility between TermStar and a variety of database formats such as MS Access, MSSQL, IBM DB 2 and Oracle.

   For further information, please download the relevant documentation under Download section.