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Transit – The Translation Memory System from STAR


The principle of re-use

    In translation work, every document is essentially an entirely new job – or is it? There are passages of text that are the same as or very similar to what has been written before in previous publications, which means they have been translated before at some time. Particularly with new versions of products or updates, the documentation contains new information that has to be translated. But at the same time, there is a large degree of re-use of words and sentences which makes it sensible to refer back to earlier translations.

    The idea of re-using existing documents and the translations (called reference material) forms the cornerstone of a translation memory system (TMS). Over a period of more than 20 years, STAR has applied that principle to develop and refine Transit into a professional, ergonomic working environment for multilingual translation projects.

Translation without frontiers

    Because it supports the Unicode double-byte character set, Transit can be used to edit over 180 different languages – as yet unrivalled by any competitor. Even Far Eastern languages such as Chinese or Japanese and right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew are supported by Transit.

    Thanks to advanced XML interfaces, TMS data transfer and an enormously powerful database import module, switching to Transit from other translation memory systems couldn't be easier. This means that you can continue to use your existing resources.

Solid support at your side from STAR

    Regardless of whether you are using Transit to introduce translation memory technology for the first time or switching over existing processes from another application, it goes without saying that STAR will provide comprehensive support based on extensive experience. We offer training courses and workshops and provide expert advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

   For further information, please download the relevant documentation under Download section.