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All from a single source

    STAR is your professional partner for services and software right across the entire span of technical information and communication.

One process for all formats

    As an integrated solution, Transit offers a direct interface with all widely used desktop publishing, word processing and standard file formats, thereby enabling optimum coordination between the editing and translation departments.

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    The working method in the program is always the same regardless of the original format. That means you can concentrate on the essential tasks – translation and process control. What is more, Transit makes you entirely independent of original document format or software resources. You simply work in the familiar Transit environment, which is the same for all document formats.

    Multiple windows can be sized and arranged exactly according to your preferences. Transit supports a vast number of formats:

ANSI/ASCII/Unicode text for Windows
Apple Macintosh text
Corel WordPerfect
MS Word for Windows
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
RTF and RTF for WinHelp
Adobe FrameMaker
Adobe PageMaker
Adobe InDesign
Visio XML
Resource files

Integration made easy

    Exchange formats such as Martif and TMX (Translation Memory Exchange) guarantee that terminology and translation memories can be imported from other systems. With the documented API (Application Programming Interface) you can implement interfaces with systems such as document management, workflow, automated translation, localisation tools, etc.

    All STAR products such as the web-based terminology management system WebTerm, STAR's workflow automation system STAR James, the GRIPS information management system, the publication tool SPIDER and STAR's FormatChecker are, of course, perfectly compatible with Transit and offer you complete system solutions for international information management.

    Constant support for all STAR tools, expert advice and a multiplicity of multilingual information services complete the range of STAR services.

Product variants that meet expectations

    Demands and requirements determine the choice of the appropriate version of Transit:

    Transit NXT Professional – the complete package for project managers and translators                                                        working with multilingual translation projects care lucreaza cu                                                        proiecte de traducere in mai multe limbi

    Transit NXT Workstation – the translation environment for translators who work with clients                                                      across networks retea

    Transit NXT Freelance Pro – the translation solution for freelance translators working locally


    Multilingual projects are prepared in a single operation – any type of original document, for instance FrameMaker, InDesign, AutoCAD, QuarkXPress, Word, SGML, etc. can be imported into Transit. In the process, Transit automatically separates the layout information from the text. During the process of importing the documents into Transit, they are simultaneously pretranslated using the reference material.

    Communication between teams at separate remote locations is no problem whatsoever with Transit – documents requiring translation and the terminology dictionaries are compressed by Transit and sent to the translators concerned at the press of a button. The translated project documents are sent back in the same compressed form. They are then automatically merged with the existing project. The updated terminology is entered in the relevant dictionary.

    All translated files are exported at the press of a button – the translated text is re-merged with the layout information. And finally, Transit automatically saves the translated documents for each target language to a folder structure that is identical to the original project.


    The Transit reference and working files very rarely exceed a size of 10 KB. Consequently, the translation memory remains lean even after years of intensive translation work. The advantages are faster pretranslation, faster transfer of files to translators, faster loading and editing of files.


    Because of the file-based structure, all reference material can be managed with the aid of the File Manager. That means you can select particular files from the reference material and easily exclude them if they are not of the required quality. As a result, your translation memory gets better every time you use it. And you don't have to be a database specialist to manage and maintain the translation memory.


    In Transit you can save the individual terms and prices you have agreed with customers, translators and proofreaders and use them to perform calculations at any time – based on individually defined criteria and at any stage of the process. Transit can produce reports on entire projects or individual subprojects based on the number of characters, words, lines or pages or on prices.

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    And it can apply an expansion factor for the target language. That way, you can see from the outset and at every intermediate stage of the translation process which projects are actually profitable. What is more, your calculations can automatically be transferred to quotations and order forms.

    For further information, please download the relevant documentation under Download section..