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    STAR Romania ensures quality, correctness and prompt delivery for every project. Combining the experience over the years and the continuous specialization with the dynamism of a professional team of translators, terminologists and proofreaders, we are able to offer our clients comprehensive translation services for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian. Moreover, we can assist you in complex projects for a larger number of language combinations with the support of our colleagues in the other 42 STAR offices.

    The translators, the terminologists and the proofreaders in our team are specialized in certain fields of expertise and they are client-oriented. This is how we manage to get the perfect integration of essential elements, for a successful partnership. Furthermore, we enhance this advantage on long term, assuring consistency and uniformity of the projects irrespective of the period when they were processed.

    The translations provided by STAR Romania cover different fields of expertise:

        - technical: automotive/cars and trucks, automation and robotics, electronics, aerospace,           engineering, mechanics, cutting tools, military, home appliances, etc.
        - software
        - medical
        - economics and finance
        - law
        - marketing and PR
        - other

    In our projects we manage to optimize the workflow through appropriate tools. Thus, STAR has continuously improved TRANSIT NXT, transforming it in a professional and ergonomic work environment for multilingual projects.