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WebTerm – Web-Based Terminology

New look for terminology management

    A redesigned user interface offering optimised usability makes WebTerm 6 even more user-friendly than before.

    WebTerm 6 supports the use of multimedia files to illustrate the meaning of a data record (e.g. images, video clips or sound files). Clicking the relevant file icon automatically launches the program for viewing or playing the file.

Improved administration

    With WebTerm 6 administration is now even easier. The profile settings offer a multiplicity of new possibilities for customising the user interface to suit the individual needs of users. And that means that everyone works with the user interface they need for their work.

    The new Dictionaries menu allows you to select the dictionaries in which to search. When you need to define filters, WebTerm provides assistance by way of option lists. All you have to do is select the appropriate criteria. This and many other new features provide an optimised and ergonomic working environment for terminology searches.

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Simple layout

    In addition to the standard interface, WebTerm 6 has a “Simple Layout” that provides the user with the most important information at a glance. The interface is clearly laid out and concentrates on finding terminology and it can easily be adapted to suit your corporate identity.

Access to terminology from Word® and FrameMaker®

    With the assistance of WebTerm Gate you can link Microsoft Word® and Adobe FrameMaker® to WebTerm 6. What could be easier – you can search for terminology directly from Word® or FrameMaker® and copy it directly into your document.

Exchanging terminology with WebTerm 6 Download

    With the optional WebTerm download, centrally maintained WebTerm terminology can be integrated quite easily into local TermStar dictionaries. Using a synchronisation function, TermStar users can update their local dictionaries to match the centrally managed terminology in WebTerm. In that way, they always have access to the latest terminology without having to be permanently online.

Single Sign-On

    If WebTerm is incorporated in a company portal, the optional Single Sign-On function simplifies the task of logging in. There is no need to log into WebTerm separately because the information is passed from the portal to WebTerm.

Multi-database support

    The multi-database support function enables you to simultaneously access multiple dictionaries stored in different databases.


    For further information, please download the relevant documentation under Download section.

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