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We thank you for accessing the website, (named hereinafter ,,Website-ul” or ,,the Company”.

Within European Union, datas of personal character are protected according to the Regulation no. 679 from 27 of April 2016 ,,with regard to protection of physical persons in relation to processing datas of personal character and free movement of these datas”, entered in force on the date of 25th of May 2018 (named hereinafter ,,RGPD” or ,,the Regulation”).

According to art. 13 from the Regulation, before to collect your personal datas we will identify ourselves and will inform you about the reason, scope and justificatiion of collecting those datas. This Policy have the roleto inform you adequately in relation to processing your data within the context of using the services of the Company.

Our company, S.C. STAR INFORMATION SERVICES & TOOLS S.R.L.. having the social headquarter in Iași, Str. Petre Andrei Nr. 31, Bl A6, Et. P, Ap 3, Jud Iași, unique registration code RO17689423, registered at Commerce Register under no. J22/1598/2005, named hereinafter (,,the Company”), having the quality of data operator, by herein Policy of confidentiality will give you informations in order to explain the way in wich we process and protect the datas of personal character.
The company, by the adopted policies, considers as of highly importance to protect your personal data, and will ensure that will respect the rights of persons targeted by RGPD and will do all the endevours in order to have you data processed by respecting the requirements of RGPD.
If you have the age below 16 years, we kindly ask to supply data of personal character.
The reason of collecting the data of personal character apears when you interact with the Company by phone, directly or with the website (completing the contact form) – trigering factors of the collection action.

We collect and process your personal datas with the scope of meeting the contractual obligations which we have to you or with the scope of improving the services which we will offer.

It may happen to use the informations you supplied in the scope of ofering you products and/or services about which we believe that will be of interest for you, if you expressed your explicit consent for this scope.

The company can not be sued for the incorrectness of the data you supplied, lack of updates of these and/or your negligence regarding the data security, in the event that third parties have obtained your personal data.

What informations do we collect about you ?

Personal character data which we collect from you and afterward we process, according to several legal provisions (Law of Accounting no. 82/1991 and P.F.M.O. NO. 2634/2015 regarding finance-accounting documents), legal interests or consent are: [surname], [forename], [serial and number of identity act], [contact phone number], [numărul de telefon de contact], [email address].

The company, keeps, according to the specifications of the Regulation, all the informations collected with the scope of unfolding the contractual or pre-contractual relations, as well as
an evidence of the performed transactions in an electronic format and which are necessary for finding, exercising or defending a right in the court. In this way, a minimum set of data related to your identity, will be processed with the unique scope of respecting the law in force regarding the evidence ensurance, stock counting, selecting, keeping and using the documents which the Company holds.

Rights which you benefit from according to RGPD

According to the Regulation, you enjoy the following rights related to processing the datas of personal character.

The right to have access to the collected data. In case when your data of personal character are processed by the Company, we will offer you access at the respective data and also at a several informations acording to RGDP. We will transmit, if you will request, a copy of your data which are the object of processing;

The right to rectification. You have the right to obtain from the Company, at request and free of charge, the rectification of your data if they are inaccurate, as well as to obtain the completion of your data which are not complete, including by suppling of a suplimentary statement;

Right to delete the data („right to be forgotten”). You have the right to obtain from the Company, the deletion of your data, if any of the reasons provided by RGDP apply;

Right to data portability”). You have the right to receive from the Company, your data which you supplied and the right to ask us, as far as it is possible from a tehnical point of view, to transmit you the datas to another personal data operator.

Right to restrict the processing. You have the right to obtain from the Company the restriction of your data processing;

The rights you enjoy can be exercised, according to Regulation, by a written request, dated and signed off, sent by post at the address of the Company from the preamble or to the email address of the Company ( We will respond to your request within the term provided by RGPD. We specify that, in order to send you a response for such request, you will have to prove your identity and to offer us any other details which will help us to respond to your request.
We want to inform you that, according to the legal provisions, we have the posibility to refuse you justified for the abusive requests and/or certain requests which are not framed in the limits provided by the laws in force and, also, that we have the right to apply a resonable fee, proportionated with your request.
When you consider that processing of your data is not performed by respecting all of the requests imposed by the Regulation, you may address to the National Authority for Surveillance for Processing Data of Personal Character (named hereinafter ,,ANSPDCP”) – and/or the competent courts.

Processing the datas of personal character

Your data, will be processed by the Company according to the consent given by you in the moment when you supply us your data of personal character. Afterward, you may withdraw your consent at any time by a request sent to the e-mail or in any way available (including using the command UNSUBSCRIBE from the newsletter received by you). However, withdrawal of your consent will not affect the legality of any processing which took place before its withdrawal.
Data of personal character will be processed over the teritory of Romania and/or of the other states from the European Union, by respecting the requests of the Regulation.
Even though, it may be possible that certain informations to be collected by third parties through the cookie files.

Transfer of data of personal character to third parties

Your data collected and processed by the Company will not be sold to other third parties.
Data of personal character can be comunicated to the empowered supliers of the Company, which process data with the scope for which these has been collected and according to the Company instructions. Categories of empowered persons which process data in the name of the Company can be, as an example without limitation to them : human resources, management consultancy, suppliers of IT support services, suppliers of IT security, suppliers of analysis and search engines services which helps us to improvement and optimization of our Website. The company will perform suitable beforehand evaluations for selecting the third party suppliers of services and will demand from them to maintain adequate measures of technical security and organization in order to protect the data of personal character and in order to process the data of personal character only according to the Company instructions.
Data of personal charactercan be communicated to the authorities and/or to the structures empowered with law application, if this is demanded by applicable laws or if is necessary in order to exercise our rights, including the utilization conditions, or in order to protect our legal interests according to laws in force.

Data security

The Company will keep your data on our servers hosted by third parties (including the cloud services of third parties). We use tehnical and organising measures, meant to protect your data of personal character and to prevent the anauthorised access to these. Transmiting data over the internet is not completely sure, context in which we can not guaranty the security of your data until they reach our Website. Any transmision will be done on your own risk and the Company will not be responsible for the demages that you could suffer or another person as a result of a unauthorised interception. After we receive your data, we will use strict procedures and security caracteristics in order to try to prevent the unauthorised access.

Confidentiality of data of minors

The company, does not collect deliberately data of personal character from persons which are not yet 16 years old. If a parent or a tutor does know of situations when his kids suplied to the Company their data of personal character, he/she must inform imediately the Company. In case when the Company discover that a person which is not yet 16 years old supplied data of personal character, the Company will delete these informations from his systems imediately, excepting the case when the parent or the tutor gives his explicit consent to have the data related to the child processed by the company within the specified scopes.

Cookies and social communication functions

Our website use files of Cookie type.

Our website include also comunication functions. These functions can collect informations about you, like the IP address and websites you have visited and can set a file of cookie type, in order to be able to work correctly. Processing of these informations through the interactions with these caracteristics is governed by the information policy/confidentiality policy existing at the level of the company which supplies them.

Period of storage and procesing your data

The Company will process your data for a period which will not exceed the period needed to accomplish the scope in which data are processed.

Consequently, if you will withdraw your consent for data processing, the Company will stop processing your data. In such cases, we will stop processing the respective data of personal character for relevant scopes, excluding the cases when there is a legal obligation to process this data of personal character and/or our need to protect this data of personal character for the scope of excercising our legitimate rights.

Final clauses

We can update this Policy, periodicaly, depending of the applicable legal ammendments and completions, once the services we provide are changing, asa well as depending on the level of tehnological development. In these situations, we will notify you any change by posting of a new alternative on the Website. In case when you supplied us your data of contact and you authorised us to contact you, we will anounce you if we change this Policy.

We kindly ask you to consult this Policy periodicaly, in order to inform you over the changes occurred.
For any questions or clarifications needed related to processing your data of personal character or if you wish to excercise a right, we ask you to inform us to the email address : or if you may transmit a letter to the Company post address found in the preamble.

In order to benefit from the services offered by the Company, is not needed to submit to the company sensitive data of personal character (for example, informations related to the racial origin or etnicity, political opinions, religious convictions or of another nature, related to the health or labor unions membership) or informations about the criminal file with the police.

Questions and contact details :

For questions regarding the data protection within, please contact : Data Protection Officer (the responsible person of data protection) by e-mail at : or National Authority for Data Protection
Address : Bd Magheru 28-30, sector 1, postal code 010336, BUCHAREST
Contact data :,