Format Checker

Efficient data processing

FormatChecker is a tool designed for the identification of formatting errors, for interactive correction and for the optimization of the manner of translation. During any stage of the translation process, the program can transfer and transform the initial text in its final form, in the predefined format. Furthermore, FormatChecker allows the identification of formatting errors even in the initial form of the file, assessing at the end the quality of the data achieved.

Thus, FormatChecker allows you to check the document formatting directly in the source file, saving time in the later processing stages, such as the final DTP.

The Advantages of FormatChecker

If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to check the text format as early as within the initial stages of the translation process, FormatChecker is the ideal solution for achieving top-quality results.

  • Rigorous formatting
  • Data quality fast check
  • Time and resources efficiency for translation
  • Simplified data migration process
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Three-level support

For Technical Authors and Editors

FormatChecker is the perfect tool for technical authors as well as editors, because it shows interactive formatting and correcting suggestions directly in Word or Adobe FrameMaker documents. Moreover, the useful tips and additional information concerning the optimization potential, as well as the use of memory for the accuracy enhancement of future formatting are other advantages offered by this STAR product.

For DTP Experts and Persons in charge of Quality Assurance

This tool is an accessible solution due to the reduced effort needed for processing new formats, such as writing from right to left. Furthermore, the optimization of layout adjustments for various languages and dimensions of the text, as well as the quality assurance of the documents within the early stages of the translation process make the FormatChecker product ideal not only for authors, but also for persons in charge of services quality assurance.

Additional Information

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