Smart synchronization of information

GRIPS (Global Real Time Information Processing Solution) is a multilingual information platform based on artificial intelligence which allows the assessment and generation of improved content according to data concerning the accuracy and the way clients relate to your texts.

GRIPS Advantages

GRIPS guarantees the digital consistency of the texts by reducing the effort involved in data research and collection, being an efficient tool for constructive modifications, due to the information which is updated and adapted based on the market evolution.

  • Easy access to technical information and tools for the evaluation of materials
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to the personalized interface and indications
  • An ergonomic and secure system for data collection and use
  • Efficient and scalable support for complex processes

For Technical Writing

Among the advantages of the GRIPS product, the highlights for technical writing are:

  • The automatic synchronization with the terminologies related to engineering, software development, manufacturing or customer service;
  • The possibility of reuse through the classification and filtering of the terminologies in the system memory;
  • Partial or total automation of the processes for translations and terminologies;
  • The use of artificial intelligence and compatibility with standards such as DITA, S1000D, iiRDS or COTI.

For Digital Projects

GRIPS helps to improve the digital processes through:

  • The possibility to offer a completely automated analysis of the documentation for products;
  • Integrated semantic fields for interactive applications and services accessible for clients;
  • Basic principles for projects based on artificial intelligence;
  • Interface for web services and assistance services which use PRISMA  as delivery system and GRIPS as author, for extension after the moment of sale.

For Assistance and Client Services

GRIPS is useful not only in order to create texts adapted to the clients’ requirements, but also in order to offer solutions for a work environment adapted to the translator’s level:

  • Guided diagnostics – designing of dynamic procedures meant to streamline the customer service systems;
  • Time and workload management;
  • Fast and efficient integration in the already existing information systems.

Additional Information

Want to find out more about GRIPS? Access the product documentation here.