Star CLM

Fast information flows through the Corporate Language Management platform

Efficiency has become an essential condition when choosing any product for the translation field. Due to the transparency and security it ensures along the translation process, as well as by providing a balanced ratio between time, workload and necessary resources, STAR CLM represents the ideal solution for a work environment which manages and facilitates the experts’ effort.

Product Advantages

The advantages of the STAR CLM product consist in a mix of efficiency granted by the automation of the translation processes, the administration of resources, as well as the high degree of adaptability for every work environment.

  • Speeding of the work flow
  • Ensuring balance between standard and flexible formulas
  • Management of a high workload
  • Customization for translation experts through standardization and automation
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Three-level support

For Translation Experts

STAR CLM ensures high-quality and accurate translations through the easy integration of Transit, TermStar, as well as WebTerm, products that use memory and linguistic localization in order to offer correct texts in the target language.

Moreover, STAR CLM is an optimized work environment for accurate tasks, thus ensuring control over all the stages that a text goes through.

Quality Assurance for Software Products

The functionalities of STAR CLM render it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a high quality software product:

  • integration in digital platforms geared toward businesses through standard interfaces, easy to customize to suit the needs and requirements of the users;
  • integration through API;
  • adaptation to authentication systems that are already in place;
  • support at a global level.

More Information

Would you like to find out more about STAR CLM? Access the product documentation here.