Project Management

A partner for successful projects

Coordinating an information process is a real challenge, and multilingual data flows need more experience and skills than any other type of project. The experts from STAR Romania have accepted many such challenges, transforming them into successful projects by achieving all the proposed objectives.

By elaborating efficient strategies for information structuring, as well as by assisting clients from the first stages to the achievement of the final product, the STAR professionals guarantee superior quality results, irrespective of the field of activity. In this way, the information processes are being optimized through partial automation for an efficient project management.

The manager, the ingredient that brings added value

A good quality management of the information processes can streamline the time, workload and costs. Thus, managers have an essential role in managing the work process.

The STAR experts have developed their coordination abilities as a result of the multitude of diverse projects undertaken, one of their assets being their high level of adaptability both to every client’s specific field and to each individual’s work environment or work style. Consequently, their role is to understand the professional requirements of every project and to coordinate the process so that it flows optimally.

A tool that perfectly accompanies the project managers’ efforts is STAR CLM, a product that is helpful in the coordination process. Its role is to automate the repetitive tasks within the translation process and to monitor the work environment.

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