Cookie Policy

The Directive about Cookie files

Protecting your private environment during the utilization of our web site page, represents for us an extremely important fact. This is why we inform you hereinafter, in detail, regarding data collection having a personal character, by cookies files.

The right of utilization of data with personal character and of data with anonymous character, is the responsability of the company S.C. STAR INFORMATION SERVICES & TOOLS S.R.L., based in Iași, Str. Petre Andrei Nr. 3, Bl A6, Et P, Ap. 3, region Iași, unique code of registration RO17689423, recorded at Registry of Commerce under the no. J22/1598/2005, within the limits provided by the law, excepting the rights of the targeted persons described hereinafter.

On this webpage a software is used in order to analyse the utilization. By evaluating those data there will be possible to obtain usefull informations regarding the needs of users.
These informations contribute to the improvement of the offer quality.
More specifics, for each consultation, the following set of data is stocked without limitations :

• The anonymous form of the IP address of the computer which sends the request;

• Data and hour of consultation, respectively the request;

• Name of the consulted page or of the consulted file;

• Reference at the page from which is consulted this page;

• The browser used by the user, including the browser version;

• Operating system used by the user.

1. What is a Cookie ?

A cookie, is a small text file which saves the settings for internet. Almost any web page use this tehnology. This is downloaded by your browser at the first access of a web page. At the following access of this web page with the same device, Cookies and saved informations are either sent back to the web page which created them (First Party Cookie) or to another web-page to whom it belongs ( Third Party Cookie). Consequently, the web page recognise that you have accessed once the page by this browser and varies in some cases the published content.

Some files Cookie, are very useful because can improve the experience of the user in case or reaccessing the respective web page. Providing the condition to use the same end-user and the same browser like you used before, Cookie files remembers, for example, your preferences, communicate about how you use a page and adapts the published offers, to your interests and personal needs. The cookies used by us, by case, remains on your hard-disk even after the sesion ends.This way of working targets mainly the improvement of user experience in case of a new access of the web page, by further adaptation of the web page to your personal needs, optimising this way the loading time.

2. Settings of your cookie files

You can set your browser in such a way that the Cookie files to be created only by your acceptance or to be refused by default. We ask you though to keep in mind that without Cookie files, some areas of the web page can not be used or are just useable to a limited extent.

You have the posibility to control the useness of ,,Cookies” and to impede, in case when you will configurate your browser like follows :

  • Internet Explorer, to be consulted in this way

( Extras – Internet Options – card of registration „Extended” – at the section Security check „Send requests of the type ,,Do Not Track”- to the visited web-pages with Internet Explorer ,,Do Not Track” – confirm;

  • Firefox, to be consulted in this way

( Menu – Settings – Data protection– at section Chronic check „Create the settings defined by the user” – at the section ,,Cookies” do the desired settings – confirm;

  • Google Chrome, to be consulted with this scope

( Menu – Settings – Extended settings – at the section ,,Data protection” do click on „Content Settings” – at the section „Cookies” check the desired boxes – confirm;

  • Safari, to be consulted with this scope


( Safari – Settings – Data Protection – at the section „Cookies and web page “ do the desired settings – confirm.