For over 30 years, Transit has been the translation solution based on translation memory used in a wide variety of fields.

Through its built-in solutions, Transit offers an accessible interface for users and an optimum coordination between the translation and editing departments. Moreover, all Star products are compatible with Transit, offering complete system solutions for international information management in over 20 formats.

Program Advantages

In order to control the information content and volume needed at every project stage, within Transit you can apply an expansion factor for the target language and save the data and quotations agreed with the clients.

Thus, the range of STAR services is completed by constant technical support for all STAR tools, expert advice and a multitude of multilingual information services.

  • Using memory in translations
    Memory is essential in making translations, as it is a method of improving the reference base of every language with every new project. One of the advantages offered by memory in Transit is a fast translation, because if phrases or sentences are found in other projects where the product was used, these will be translated automatically. This way, the process becomes much easier and faster. Transit can also generate reports on the entire project or individual subprojects based on the number of characters, words, lines, pages or prices.
  • Assuring text correctness
    Materials processed with Transit will be spellchecked based on selected reference files for each language. For better accuracy, you can also easily find and check the meanings of words and phrases, as well as choose based on context or synonyms. Using Transit functions, you can also display only specific parts of a file, in order to facilitate the proofreading operation.
  • Consulting & Support
    From analyzing the degree of profitability of a prospective project to accounting-related control, Transit saves all these data, being a necessary tool for any global business.

For Project Managers

Transit is the solution which helps project managers perform their work in the best possible conditions.

  • Flexible, multi-directional, multilingual translation memory found in different formats;
  • Translation and terminology in a single program;
  • Detailed reporting and proofreading of specific segments;
  • Efficiency achieved through initial translations, integrated interfaces and preset formats.

For Translators

Transit is the ideal opportunity to make high-quality translations due to:

  • Accessible and easy to use terminology and context;
  • Morphologic support in over 80 languages and dialects;
  • Intuitive text;
  • Possibilities of context search both in source and target language;
  • Speech-to-text function.

For Proofreaders

You will enjoy accurate proofreading due to the Transit functionalities:

  • Quality assurance through reviewing with various options;
  • Function of reviewing and commenting on specific segments;
  • Fast correction through system suggestions;
  • Full history that allows the reviewing of all modifications.

More Information

Would you like to find out more about Transit? Access the product documentation here.