The efficient solution for a quick and accurate search of the right words

The role of TermStar is to facilitate the translation process by streamlining the search of the right words in the desired context and building an efficient work environment, accessible both to experienced translators and occasional users. Because TermStar is fully integrated in the Transit system, you can use its memory in order to insert your own links as standard translations. Moreover, the consistency check of the translations is assured by filters which can be applied to different parts of the texts, and the links present in the system memory comprise abbreviations as well, for high accuracy.

Program Advantages

The possibility of using the product in more than 180 languages, as well as its compatibility with different databases, such as MS Access, MSSQL, IBM DB 2 and Oracle, are some of TermStar’s advantages.

  • Text clarity due to the possibility of checking the consistency of the translation
  • The possibility of using various databases in order to extract, transfer and apply a specific terminology
  • Adaptation to the specific terminology processes and programs of every company
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Three-level support

For Terminologists

Amongst the advantages of the TermStar product, the ones that are most useful for terminologists are:

  • the individual configuration of the interface or dictionary layout;
  • the accessible database model with lists of values;
  • the entry checking or filtering criteria that can be modified by the user;
  • the simplified integration of multimedia files;
  • the easy improvement of databases through the import and synchronization functions.

Translators & Authors

The accessible interface allows both authors who are not specialized in translation processes, and professionals in this field to enjoy the advantages of TermStar:

  • fast suggestions;
  • dynamic underlining of discordant elements;
  • support for more than 80 languages and dialects;
  • possibility of adding and using specific terminologies.

More Information

Would you like to find out more about TermStar? Access the product documentation here.