Highly accurate translations and constantly updated terminology

WebTerm is the Star product that allows the use of dictionaries with specialized terminology, being accessible anytime and from anywhere, ensuring the efficient communication between collaborators and controlled validation processes.

Program Advantages

WebTerm offers an interface that can be adapted to the user’s needs and allows the attachment of multimedia files, being an ergonomic, optimized work environment for defining the terminology necessary for your projects.

  • Access to terminology updates through the updating of local databases with the ones managed by WebTerm
  • Checked databases in more than 200 languages and dialects
  • Easy adaptation and integration in portals and products specific to every company

  • Flexible licensing models

  • Three-level support

For Terminologists

The solution offered by STAR to terminologists has many advantages, some of them being:

  • the individual configuration of the interface or dictionary layout;
  • an accessible database model with specific filters and lists of values;
  • the entry interrogations or filtering functions that can be customized by the user;
  • the suggestions management based on preset criteria;
  • the terminology use monitoring system;
  • the possibility to integrate multimedia elements.

For Users of Terminologies

Some of the advantages for WebTerm users are:

  • the global access to current terminology, anytime and anywhere;
  • the accessible interface;
  • the databases with terminologies and elements specific to every language, that guarantee translation accuracy.

Moreover, the presence of modules for Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker, and the possibility to download term packs for offline use are other assets of the WebTerm product.

For Administrators

For the persons who deal with the administration of the translation process, control is facilitated by the assignment of roles and access levels to read or edit documents and the integration in the already existent authentication systems.

Another highlight of WebTerm for administrators is the compatibility with other platforms and the possibility of integration with the clients’ or translators’ servers through API.

More Information

Would you like to find out more about WebTerm? Access the product documentation here.