Digital and Offset Printing

A single team of professionals, multiple advantages

STAR Romania offers you the ease and consistency that come with a complete pack of services: from translation, proofreading, graphic design to the printing process, so that your materials maintain the same quality standard.

After discussing with the client and deciding upon details such as number of copies, type of binding and the final aspect of the material, the project manager will propose the best printing solution. The project manager will also guarantee the quality and the deadline, supervising every step of the entire process until the achievement of the final product.

Working with STAR Romania has multiple advantages: the entire project will be coordinated, edited, translated, processed and printed by a single team of professionals, whose objectives meet all the client’s requirements, reducing the costs and maximizing the quality of the final product.

Digital and Offset Printing

Digital printing is ideal for small or medium volumes, assuring high picture clarity and an excellent quality of the final product. It is also ideal for printing technical documentation, technical manuals, maintenance and user manuals, booklets, leaflets, presentation folders etc.

This type of printing allows a variable number of copies, from few to many, as well as the personalization of every manual depending on the client’s requirements or the product characteristics.

STAR Romania also offers offset printing services, recommended for large quantities, in which case the price is set according to the numbers of copies. This type of printing is ideal not only for leaflets, posters, presentation folders etc., but also for documents and technical manuals.

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