Terms & Conditions

Using this website , visiting products and services involving accetance of these terms and conditions. In order to use the website in the best conditions we recommend you to pay attention when reading the terms and conditions. S.C. STAR INFORMATION SERVICES & TOOLS S.R.L. reserves the right to do amendments on these provisions without a pre-notice.

Presenting the services

Description of the services presented on the web-site https://www.star-romania.com have an informational character and does not presents a contractual obligation.

The quality of hosting services , links to other websites, functionality errors

The website https://www.star-romania.com is hosted by the servers of a third party company, S.C. STAR INFORMATION SERVICES & TOOLS S.R.L. will not be made liable for any errors occurred on the website regardless of the reasons of occurrence, these including settings or updates of the programmed scripts or errors occurred because of the utilization of several browsers for visiting the website https://www.star-romania.com.

Subscription and unsubscription to the newsletter

Subscription and unsubscription at the newsletter of the website https://www.star-romania.com is free and voluntary, involve the acceptance of the following terms of utilization. The transmitted messages are not asked and anytime you can unsubscribe following the instructions from the bottom of each email.

Subscribing and unsubscribing at the newsletter of teh website https://www.star-romania.com, is free

Utilization of the newsletter take place respecting the same conditions of responsibility limitation from the content point of view like is authorised also the use of the website under the conditions provided by the herein document while the confidentiality policy is described largerly within the Privacy Policy section.

Subscribers of the newsletter can re-send these commercial communications to other persons also, on their own accountability and providing that they did not changed neither the structure, nor the content of the respective messages.

Persons which have received from the subscribers of the newsletter, the commercial messages are considered that have been informed beforehand by the subscribers about the provisions of the herein article. In this context S.C. STAR INFORMATION SERVICES & TOOLS S.R.L., can not be made liable under any form by the actions of his subscribers.

S.C. STAR INFORMATION SERVICES & TOOLS S.R.L. reserves the right to prevent the access at the newsletter of any subscriber, if it has any reasons to believe that the respective subscriber does not respect the provisions of the herein document.

Reviews, comments, communications

Users can posts reviews, comments or other types of content, can send sugestions, ideas, can put questions, can propose articles or other types of materials, as long as their content

– Is not ilegal, obscen, defamatory, does not break the right to privacy or the law regarding protection of intelectual property;

– Does not contain commercial communications or policies which instigates to hate or lack of tolerance on grounds of religion, race, etnicity etc.

S.C. STAR INFORMATION SERVICES & TOOLS S.R.L. has the right to monitor, edit or delete any type of content unsuitable and does not assume the responsibility by other third parties on the website.

Final provisions

Any other problem caused by the services presented on https://www.star-romania.com
which is not treated by any article from the present document will be solutioned amiable over a period of 30 working days starting with the date of the written notification by the user.